Things I’m most excited to try…

I like to think of myself as adventurous, so whether or not that is actually the case, I’m looking forward to experimenting with some recent DIY treatments I’ve read about on various beauty blogs. I’ve never had much of a “problem,” per se, with my skin–I was fortunate enough to not suffer from copious amounts of acne in my pre-teen or teenage years; it was mostly under control (with the help of a dermatologist at a few crucial points). From time to time, I still experience some small break outs; but in general, caring for my complexion is something that’s very important to me, so I try to take preventative measures by washing my face a few times a day, using toner, and applying repairing lotion. While it helps for me to pray that someday I end up with gorgeous skin like my mother (who swears by Oil of Olay), I think it’s about time I try out a new approach to skin care and see if 100% natural treatments will actually work. If they do, they’ll save me a TON of money that would normally be spent on expensive skincare systems, and I will be able to feel confident and comfortable knowing I’m not allowing mystery chemicals to be absorbed into my pores. And luckily for you, you’ll get the benefit of being able to read about my results before you actually try for yourself. 🙂

That said, here’s a list of the top things on my DIY agenda that I will be trying at home over the next week:

Here’s what’s on my shopping list for today… hint: not all of this will be for eating.

[insert picture]

I’ll try my best to update daily and let you know about any products or DIY things I’m trying.

I’m also really excited to try out a few things from Rocky Mountain Soap Company, whose bath & body products are 100% natural, meaning they’re sulfate, paraben, petrochemical/polycyclic armoic hydrocarbon, and phthalate free (all of those things are common in most off-the-shelf beauty products, and are not the best things to be applying to your body on any surface). Anyway, I’m placing my order today, and I’ll be sure to update you about everything I ordered and how it’s working out as soon as I get it! The company is Canadian, and all of their products seem extremely reasonably priced, and I’m so excited to get them home and try them out!


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